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Saturday, 23 February 2008

Some pictures from Stoilovo Bulgaria

Today I spend some time in Stoilovo. It is a beautiful village near the border between Bulgaria and Turkey. Here some photos from there:
The view from second floor of my brother new house

once again

Here is the view from the Stoilovo village

And here is picture from road to Stoilovo

Monday, 11 February 2008

My first steps with LaTeX

These days I received a request from my brother, for preparation of article about SUCCESSION OF CHANGES IN STATISTIC STRUCTURES. Actually the article describes some problems with coefficient of Pearson-Bravais and the methods of measuring it. My brother claims that this is a very interesting article, but of course I can’t understand anything. He saw this article should make a little revolution in the statistical science, because he invent, that the coefficient of Pearson-Bravais don’t work in some situations.
Despite him confidence in Bulgarian magazine “Economical thought” the article doesn’t made a furore. Of course this is a problem of our society, as less as poor are peoples as less they educated. For instance in Bulgaria people who really interested with this field of science are not more than 50 -100.
So he has decides to publish him article in to the some abroad magazine. But there is an other kind of problem. He found one or two magazines which could publish the article, but they want a huge amount of money. In fact one of the magazine wanted around 50$ per page. In the end we decide to upload it on the site of electronic journals, were publishing is totally free. Of course there was another problem with article. The site admins admit only files written on LaTeX.
At the end I decide to learn more about LaTeX - the language for writing articles and mathematical formulas. Yes you should see this it is a completely different system which merges text with different kind of formulas. You can put everything that you want, and can put it between text and other formulas, can compile text which contains math, physics, chemicals and other type formulas. It is an incredible and powerful system.
At the end we prepared the article and now I should upload it on the site of journal. I am a little disappointed by the end because might be I will not work again with LaTeX. But we will see.