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Monday, 26 May 2008

Phoenix landed on Mars

Yesterday (25.06.2008) the Probe of NASA landed on the north pole of Mars where it must have to search water and possibly live organisms – bacteria and other primitive forms of live.
The landing was successful and the machine sent their first pictures form Mars. When I watched the news I was little disappointed, because I have expected to see a little green man who says “Hello”! It of course is my stupid joke and I am never expecting from the probe to find any live on Mars.
But I found something interesting about pictures which the probe sent to earth. Here is only the foot of the probe and some landscape where we could see only dist and rocks. We also can see the something like umbrella in black and white colors, which could be solar panels. O and we can see strange square on one of the pictures, nothing more.
However for me is more interesting the south part of landing field where is situated a big mountain Alba Patera (according to which is high is more than 5 kilometers. And the destination between Phoenix and Alba Patera is no more than 300 kilometers. Even in this distance this mountain will rise over the above landscape.

I am really impassioned to see such pictures were for background is put Alba Patera.

Friday, 23 May 2008

Thinking about Australia

According to thousands of Australian children’s who live in Mount Isa are poisoned by lead. It comes from the river where they upstream from contaminated lands which are spread round the mines there. The lead have been discovered in 2001 by unnamed researcher and now Dr. Mark Taylor and he wants to know why no one undertake a research about this problem.
The article says that the level of lead is more than 100 times over the recommended limit of 255 milligram per kilo soil. It means that the concentration of lead is around 20 grams per kilo of soil.
Here in my country the maximum contain of lead in the ground is 25 milligrams per kilo dry soil. I have thought that this limit is a low and it must be increased to 10 milligrams. Now I understand that in the other site of the world the limit of this is 255 mg/kg. I always had thought about Australia like a beautiful country where people leave in clear air and waters, and now I found out that is not true. May be the local norms in Mount Isa are little bit higher but all that much. In the survey was said that the more than 900 children’s are poisoned by the lead. Sadly ….
There is a historical theory about outgoing of the Greatest Rome which was bite the dist from the Barbarians. The theory say that the citizens of Rome have been ill for many years from mental diseases which is caused from the lead pipe which are build and town sanitary drains for drinking water.
So at the end these children are in big danger they must be bringed out from this area and must be taked to the clean place where is no this kind of poisoned water and land. For me is interesting how this case will be solved by the Australian government...

Thursday, 22 May 2008

Job hunting through Internet sites 3

I want to apologize to the visitors here but the sites that I will describe below is a more closely to the engineering sectors and environmental sector. Unfortunately I can’t envelop all job hunt sites.

In the internet have many sites where you can see an open position and you may apply for it. There is a pages where you can meet you colleagues and meet new people where you could make new relations and again to find proper work. I will spare this kind of sites in three different groups: Job-hunt group, Relations groups and Corporate group.

Job-hunt group

These sites are totally orientated to job hunters. In these sites you be able to register your Curriculum Vitae and start your job search. Some of the sites have a good interface and you just can type your CV other sites are more ordinary made and you should attach your CV and sent the application in this way. Here the list of sites that I use and I endeavor to explain some of them features.

At first is Monster this is a most popular site in the world I think. When I started my job hunt this site was looking completely different. In the beginning of my search I saw that there is no option for different countries. In these times you able to search only in the continents like Europe, USA and Asia. Since 2008 year I think the site looks different if you enter to this one with extension .com you see the list of links where you can search and if you want you are able to search in the USA, Europe, Asia and many countries from this continents. But be careful it is a little fetch. What if you want to search in Norway for example? Just follow the links for Norway and …ooops if you not a Norwegian you can’t understand nothing. Everything is on this language and there is not option for change it to English or German. Sad but true. You may try to register yourself with Norwegian site of Monster but I am not sure what will be your successes as an example I am registered in the Finland site of the Monster from two month but with lack of success.
But what happens when you decide to register yourself to Monster. There is a possibility to save your resume, where you could add your education, completed courses, certificates, schools. Also you may add your work experience, current employer (with option for contact or not contact), preferable position, desired salary and benefits. For register yourself in Monster you must have a valid e-mail address, where you will receive activation code to start form filling in the main site.
I found some very interesting fact about registration when you register your name you receive an e-mail with activation code and with new name (actually the same as you had registered but with prefix ag_). The second interesting artifact I had found when I decide to register my CV in Finish branch of Monster. When I get to the I whim to try what will happened if I decide to enter with my name (this one with prefix ag_) I found that it work here. So to continue registration on finish I just put the same words in same fields. And I had to forget in the Monster sites the password always must be digits and letter if you have the habit to use only one password for everything and this password is a only from digits my advice is to put one letter before them or behind them.

As a second I will recommend to use some of the local sites in your countries. Since 2007 I am a citizen of Europe and there is a good portal for mobility here. The main address is . When you reach the main site you will see the page with chouse of different languages. You are able to enter with this one which you prefer. This is a site which is made only for countries form EU and you are able to search new job only in European Union. Here you may found a section where is described different information about countries, still of live on their citizens, shops and other thinks like this. You can describe your possibilities and some employers could reach them. You also can upload simple video to describe yourself.
Next site where I put my resume was – this is a site orientated to waste water treatment and I recommend it only for professionals who looks this kind of work. Here you could put a simple resume in the forum.

The next step is to register your CV in many sites as is possible as. Here some of mine favorites where you could find open positions. Many of them have an automated ‘job agent’ which can help you to find a proper job. How it works? Just flick through site and you will find it. Then you can start it simple – when you put the search phrases in it something like “waitress” or “project manager” or “welder”. The job agent will remember everything and when the next add appear in the site from employer the job agent will send you a letter for application.

I should separate them in to different groups

EU – only for EU – I received from them an offer – European careers site. - sites with employer links – job search through EU


/Bulgaria – only for Bulgaria – again – again

/Finland – for finns (never received an offer) – for finns and foreigners (never received an offer) – there is an interesting fact: my resume here have been seen more than 200 times and no offer. As an example in monster my resume is checked 82 times until now and I received three offers. – only for finns - may be the extension give you a hint – yes this is a Finland site for jobs – another headhunters from Finland – once again

/Ireland – only for Ireland, not so bad – specialized site for environmental industry and there a section about environmental jobs (I have applied many times but never received a response) - may be the extension give you a hint – yes this is a Finland site for jobs

/Lithuania – Jobs in Lithuania

/United Kingdom – good site but a little frustrating whit job agent – it didn’t work properly – good site only for different type of engineers(received a two serious offer) - agency with many offices through EU (received a serious offer) - I receive an good offer from them – here you can post your CV and wait for recruiters (received many offers) - I have never tried them – many offers but without any response of my applications. - may be the extension give you a hint – yes this is a Finland site for jobs

/India – if you a keen to work in India

USA and Canada – only for Canada (never received an offer) – not so good – I try to use this only once – it only returned jobs in USA. I try to change the arguments, but it is a little bit disappointing every time to change your search. – I have never tried – Government of Alberta Canada – there you are able to find many links to employer sites. – I have never tired, just register

World sites – big recruiter in many countries over the world (never received an offer) – big recruiter as they say (never received an offer) – good site with many job advertises (never received an offer) – work in New Zealand (must have permits to do that) – oil jobs many of them are on the platforms – simple site for job hunt. Nothing special - for America – all countries, all sectors jobs

Here and three of most popular contact sites in the internet – meet people and make relations about your new job – again network for contacts and new business opportunities – connect people all over the world

I will end here because this article started grown rapidly. I promise that I’ll put all new links here in section “Jobsites list” under the visitor map.