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Saturday, 10 July 2010

Good Job search engine all over the world.

Hello few days ago I found really interesting job search engine. The name of this engine is

What is good in this and what is different from the others which I previously know?

1. It seems to be very simple to work with this site just look the interface:

To search job you should put the name of the job in the field "What" and in the field "Where" you should put where exactly you need to search it.

2. Why I really like it? Lets start with the phrase

environmental engineer and I need to find such kind of job in Alaska for example. Our search box need to be filed like that:

OK press search and here the returning results

I will try third one
TASO-2817: Environmental Safety and Occupational Health Engineer, Analyst, Subject Matter Expert - Senior Level
and this is the greatest think which I liked in this engine at first look. Actually it brings you directly to the site with the job. No advertisement, no bars around, no registrations. Very easy and simple. The next think which the job searcher should do is to press the button for sending resume.

3. You can setup e-mail alert just press the button:

this menu will appear:

Here you can setup your own alert. Don't forget to check he box to receive the e-mail alert for that kind of jobs.


1. I was not so glad to found that I should change the country to search in Canada for example or in Bulgaria. You can't just put in the search field

What : "Janitor"
Where : "Windsor, Ontario"

To do that you should press on the bottom of the page the letters CA. This lead you to the same site with different web address I am not sure why the developers used this name but it is a little bit frustrating. I always want to remember simple words. Of course this time I should remember for me As you can see there is a lot of other countries and you should decide where to do your job search.


I can say I like this engine and I will use it often to search into my job search adventures. I recommend you to use it because it is simple.

Prices DealExtreme vs Source.

Interesting. I just watched to find how to connect two network cables. Asking around people tell me that the best source is Source to find "Network Coupler"

What is a network coupler actually. This is a something like this

when you have two RJ-45 wires you could connect them trough this simple device. For example if you have 3 m. cable and another 5 meters cable with RJ-45 jacks you can connect them with this coupler. OK but I found in Source this simple device for 19,99 dollars!!! I think this is a very expensive for a such small part of plastic with two coper wires inside....

Then I just looked around my favorite site for gadgets
Here the price is a little bit different look:

1,13 for 1. Not like 19,99 argh! 20 times more.

OK it is normal to keep my money here I will by this one from Chinese site of course.