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Saturday, 10 July 2010

Prices DealExtreme vs Source.

Interesting. I just watched to find how to connect two network cables. Asking around people tell me that the best source is Source to find "Network Coupler"

What is a network coupler actually. This is a something like this

when you have two RJ-45 wires you could connect them trough this simple device. For example if you have 3 m. cable and another 5 meters cable with RJ-45 jacks you can connect them with this coupler. OK but I found in Source this simple device for 19,99 dollars!!! I think this is a very expensive for a such small part of plastic with two coper wires inside....

Then I just looked around my favorite site for gadgets
Here the price is a little bit different look:

1,13 for 1. Not like 19,99 argh! 20 times more.

OK it is normal to keep my money here I will by this one from Chinese site of course.