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Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Job seeking through internet sites 2

Prepare yourself

Organize your job hunt.

1.At first you must start from simple thinks such as your computer. Prepare a new folder named something like “New Job” in this folder makes other folders CV – for your Curriculum Vitae, Cover_Letter folder will contain your cover letters, Application folder will be filled with your sent and received e-mails. In this Application folder I recommend to make two new folders “Sent” and “To Send”. What I mean – sometimes when you surf in the Internet – in the jobs sites you may have see the interesting ad but you may not have a time to read careful and prepare your documents. Then you just save it on the folder “To Send” and at the next free time to write cover letter and CV which meet the requirements of the position. In the folder “Sent” you could archive and place already sent – e-mails.
2.Make folder certificates – where you could store your scanned certificates and other documents like these. Sometimes some companies wait for you to send an ISO or CNC certificate. This is important if the position which you had applied require this.
3.Prepare a list of sent applications – you may have sent thousand e-mails and letters but only one job you can take. But in the time you apply for job I think the most important is to be in condition when you receive a positive answer. What is the meaning of this above – with simple words you should prepare a simple file where you can write your applications. You be able to create it on Excel/OOOCalk or Word/OOOWriter or just another text editor. When you have sent your applications letters you must can write on your file something like this:

23.2.2008 |CV sent to Members &CO at |expire date 20.03.2008|

Whit this method you always will know about your thousands application and when receive the interview e-mail you might remember about the circumstances about your candidature.
4.Write your own Curriculum Vitae – you may do this when just search through internet, for Europe Union the EC decide to introduce unique standard for CV writing – you could download from here ( For other countries have other requirements and you should meet them when apply for that kind of position.
You should fill the form with your possibilities and all thinks that you can do. Your education language level and hobbies, also you should put e-mail, phone and address. There is a table where the language level was described so you must compare with it. Don’t lie in your CV sometimes this may bring problems it on you. Just imagine that you are lied you understand from C++ programmer and in the new job interview you have been asked for first three rows from any C program just for somehow. So what you will do then?
5.Write common or universal cover letter – it must sounds enthusiastic and you should look eager to start work ASAP. There are a many places where you could find good cover letters is that kind of place. In this cover letter you should describe you experience and all you positions that you have been taking but not the reasons of leaving. You may include in it some little examples about your current work but at this entire letter shouldn’t be longer than one page.
6. Use a different from IE browser – use mozzila. In Mozzila have a very good plug-in which could help you when filling forms in the internet job sites. How it works – you have only one address, phone number, e-mail, mail, forename, surname and place of born. So you just fill them in this special plug-in and in the next time when you should put them somewhere just push the button and here it is! You save more than 5 minutes for form filling.
7.Decide what work you will look for. As an example you should have eyesight what you search. You might have gained a rich experience in marketing and management, so if you don’t want to change the field you should look for this type of positions.

Thursday, 3 April 2008

Job seeking through internet sites

If you are tired from you work, or your salary not cover your needs, or you and your boss can’t work together or your carrier just frozen in some position and don’t want to move forward… So you might be look for a new job and new opportunities to change your life and life of your family. In these days with internet growth there is a many places where you could search for a new job and you may have the chance to change your future. In this article I will try to show how the sites work and how you would use it for job hunt.

Hide yourself

1. The first thing you should do when you start job hunting is to make a different e-mail. Yes if you use internet from many years you know that the e-mails are not just only virtual post boxes and they might become to an aim of spammers and hackers. So if you plan to use your common e-mail I think this not a good idea. In the virtual space have many different free mail servers where you could create personal e-mail.
Here some sites:,,, and many others. But you must know that the free mails are often used to generate spam and some serious sites don’t receive e-mails from this free mail boxes. The decision is yours.
However you new mail should have a real “good” name something like or because you shouldn’t expect a proper attitude to you person if you sent your CV and Cover letter with email like The HR just will not open it.
2. Many sites require for you to leave you cellular. If you find this irregular but you still want to register yourself the way is simple – just buy prepaid number with some cheap mobile phone. It is not too expensive – in my country it will cost you around 15-30 euro.
3. Hide your address – I mean real address – unfortunately this is not too easy because many of the sites want this for future possible connection with you. Actually you should put it in your Resume/CV when prepare it.
4. Hide yourself from your boss. Never use your work e-mail and internet for job hunting. I have heard about many people who are stack with this reason. Your boss should be a least person who must understand about your research. Some of biggest firm sniff around the e-mails of their employees. Also don’t check your “job” e-mail when you are on job this may bring you problems too. You always can find an hour for your job seeking in your house or some internet club. (I think there is a little exception – if you search a job in sites which are written on some specific languages like Suomi, Hungarian, Kazahstan and other like this. Might be in this cases no one will understand your search :)) If you sometimes have an hour in your office or you want to use your lunch time for making a job hunt I recommend to buy a flash memory and write your cover letter on it. But I will describe this later.