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Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Salted mackerel – preparation

Salted mackerel – preparation

  1. Mackerel – 3 or 5 big fishes (more than 500 grams each one), it depends how you wish.

  2. Sea Salt – crystal (I mean with big crystals not common salt) – around 3 kilo.

  3. Large baking dish

  4. Water


At first you must clear the fishes from their stomachs, but let the heads. Then put the salt in the dish and tidy the mackerels. Then cover them with other salt.

They should stay in covered with salt around 48 hours. When the time pass you must bring the fishes from salt (here might have bloody souse – it is normal). Then put the fishes in cold water for one hour. It will remove the salt which is more than needed. After one hour take the fishes, dry it with paper and wrap it with another paper.

Hang the fishes somewhere (far from cats) by their tails, after one day you might eat them. It is a good for salads and appetizer for vodka.

But you have been careful, this is not very healthy meal, eating too much salt can produce problems with heart and blood pressure.

Bourgas – town where I live and my pain ….

When I was a little boy my town has been a beautiful place for live. This is not nostalgia for old communistic times, but this is a reality. Then the kids had places to play and the cars were not more than ten thousand for all town. These beautiful years was not so far ago, may be 20 – 25 years. For 20 years my town has been turned of to concrete monster, with holed streets, cock sewerage and dirty environment.
I had decided to place here some pictures from the streets of my town, but the prospect are dangerous for peoples with poor health and I throw aside this opportunity. Let’s see what is happen in Bourgas.

At first: The sewerage – one of the head problems.

From the beginning of changes in Bulgarian we as other post communistic countries become to make changes, economical, political, ethnical….. ooops. I told ethnical? Sorry I made mistake. In my country we have nomad tribes called gypsies. They are living by thieving and plundering. This people’s thief the screens that cover the pumping-shaft because they were made from iron. After that they sell them for the money in the scrap yard. Of course the shaft was cocked and I think you know what happened latter. Some smart man guesses new IDEA to change the metal screens with plastic. Municipality took to near company preparation for these cover screens. Everything had has beautiful if the screens was not so fragile. When the cars pass over them they broke and …. So now the rain sewerage is cock and when the rain fall’s our streets looks like a Venetia. This continues since 1995 – 1998 and take a huge size, because with every new rain things going much worse.
The salvation:
1. Closing all scrap yards and stop plundering of cover screens.
2. Clearing all cocked shafts.
3. Putting metal screens again.
I am not the inventor of this simple salvation, many peoples know about this but as a politics and public persons they do nothing. Why? I don’t know!

At second: The holes over the streets of Bourgas.

Every morning when I come out from my block (this is an ugly concrete structure) I seen the huge holes over the road. The cars in my town drives like on rally Paris-Dakar. Many of my friends were bought jeeps. They are much stronger than common automobiles. Especially in our environments. The holes in Bulgaria was their own web-site The situation is a critical but nobody care. What is the reason for holes? It is a simple – poor control over the asphalt preparations and asphalt sitting. If you wouldn’t bought a good raw material you will not made a good asphalt of course if the sitting company wouldn’t keep the norms and circumstance, and put less asphalt that is needed after three months old holes showed up again and again… So the mechanism of holing is a clear. What is the salvation?

The salvation:
1.Buy a good bitumen and preparation of good asphalt. Many people don’t know but the bitumen is water solvated. If you have bought poor and weak bitumen you might not expect perfect results.
2.Total control over the preparation of asphalt and asphalt sittings.

So at third I wanted to tell about waste management in my town but this is a theme for more big post and I’ll have another chance to post here.
And in the end of all these gabbles is not far. I hope that my town will become a good place for live. But this should be happened when our new major start to work more hard not as old dinked man who rule the town twelve years.

Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Minimal wages - Bulgaria vs. Europe

Welcome from my country – near to Europe near to Asia

Yesterday I have made a little personal research for wages in Europe. I have wanted to see what average wages in Europe is, for engineers and contract managers. I have found nothing because I tried to googling and everything was leading me to the sites with minimal wages not average. Then I try little job hunt – I try and checked the similar positions in the UK. What I have seen – in the Kingdom the engineers like your humble servant takes the wages of the order of 28 000 – 35 000 pounds annual. This means around 3 200 – 3 600 Euro per month. Looks like good! I take few times less. But I understand something very disturbing (actually I knew that but now I saw with my eyes) – as a newest members the Bulgarians have the smallest wages in the EU. Here we work for 92 euro per month and less than euro per hour. Our concurrent Romania has bigger labor wages with 114 Euro per month and again less than euro per hour. I have remembering in 2005 when both countries applied for EU membership our “smart” politics as Miglena Kuneva were offered to the EU commission to not put Bulgaria in the same group as Romania, because the latter is a very backward and this will react over the good image of Bulgaria. I would say BLAH BLAH.
Yes but NO. Now Romania makes giant’s steps forward and we again gather dust, the same history we have seen ten years ago. When Poland and Baltic republics become an EU members and Bulgaria goes to the hyperinflation and crisis. Then our “smart” politic Jan Videnov bankrupts the country and has been invited currency board from World Bank. The currency board always says’s: Do not rise the wages, don’t give the big pensions, your country must have this or that blah blah again. We now pick up the fruits of this board low wages, low pensions and budget excess. In the same time we are the EU leader in inflation – many people expect to reach more than 13% this year.
Yes I know that I am not economist but I see how our economist manages the country and can’t watch anything good. We are the less happy people on the planet. We have received less much money in the EU. Who is blame for this? Of course politics like Sergei Stanishev, Simeon Saks Coburgotha and Ahmed Dogan. It is interesting fact that these three persons are not Bulgarians. The first is Ukrainian citizen, second is a big kid with blue blood but without one drop of Bulgarian blood and the third is a Turkish citizen (those who things that buying the votes is a European practice).
How this reflect over the peoples – more than 1 000 000 Bulgarians life abroad, from the beginning of 2007 the Bulgarians lived in Spain is more than 300 000 peoples. Our nation become melting. Nothing bizarre with these wages and this inflation this is a normal. Young peoples become immigrants and I have many friends that immigrated to Canada and USA. Actually it might be the plan of the politics – they do not need the youngest and smart peoples.
We need reforms, but reforms must be made by the politics – the same that the reforms will hit. Because our politics, are the most corrupted politics in the EU. They will never make transformation and always be the corrupted. Today I have commented this with one my colleague and he saw “Look if somebody is a clear and honest and become a politic in Bulgaria he has not a chance. Other wolfs will took him to the corrupt practices and this man going out from the law. Now he is one of all.”

What we must do? I don’t know. I have decision for my self and my family

Saturday, 24 November 2007

The head of the contract – The beginning

Yes, now we have a two big company with big names like “SOMENAME CORPORATION” Ltd. and “MY NAME – USE” OY. Do you think it is an enough to be in the head of the contract? Of course yes. Many firms these days sent me contracts with this kind of head. But I have always returned to them put right in this part. Why? Why I put right this part? May be because good looking contract is fancier for me? May be, or may be not. But I had has more calm with good looking head of the contract. The perfect head for me must be a something like:


SOMENAME CORPORATION Ltd Somwere(address postal, e-mail), Bulgaria represented by Yon Tihi in Chairman capacity of the director’s board, chosen in 18.12.2005 year with written statement № 15-12-18-05, with TAX number :XXX-XXX-XXX-XX*,

hereinafter referred to as "Purchaser"


“MY NAME – USE” OY Somwere(address postal, e-mail), New Guinea represented by Mickey Mouse as a Director of the Commercial department, authorized from Chairman of the director’s board with letter of administration #XXX-XXXX published by notary Mighty Mouse with certificate #YYYY-YY

hereinafter referred to as "Seller"

* - and you must always include the codes of the company with which it is known by the government. In my country companies have three different codes and we always put them in the head of the contracts

Yes here you seen may be the very good head of the contract because I am not faultless and might forget something. But every who want to add something here is free to comment my posts.

Thursday, 15 November 2007

The contract management – what is this?

The contract management – what is this

Some people say that the newest technologies are the most important for economics growth. I am agreeing with that but some of these folks missed the very important thing and this is a relationship between market players. These days when the market is a full and glutted with many firms, we may choose the right one which covers our requirements. But if we are a big firm and our executor is a small firm we sometimes receive a good service/stuffs, but it is putted in badly prepared contracts and unkempt support. What I mean.

Sometimes we conclude contract for supply of something and the small firm deliver to us this things. But after few mounts we understand that the firm is stopped support in spite of contract requirements. Yes, they always said “We late for a few weeks but we will complete all jobs on time”. Of course they can’t do that.

Considering a question we must see and the big firms. Sometimes they are monopolistic structures and making negotiation with them is a little bit impossible. As example – you should imagine a huge factory with a large production capacity and in the background stays many little firms which support the giant. Many of these firms have contracts with the factory and many of them are not “happy” from these contracts. Way? The answer is simple – they obey the giant, because without work these firms will be cast out.

Yes of course in the world most contracts may be were concluded between firms in the same rank i.e. with the same productivity or turnover. In this case the firms work in quite good environment because they both believe each other and some problems with payments in not a proper time or bad finished work have not spoil the contract. Of course this is not an ideal case – many firms just not finished their work and become to spoil the contract.

There is one solitary instance – when the contract is between one company and the Government. In this case the executor (in this case the company) always trying to avoid contract spoil. I think you know why – in my country the corrupt practices is a basic craft of the administration. If you as a company give bribes to some high-standing civil servant, you always will be overloaded with jobs.

All that I said is leading me to the next stage of this little article. To make our business profit and working comfortable in every stress environment we should prepare a solid contract (except in the case with government). The solid contract means that agreement which satisfy both of the sides. Yes this is the essence of contract management – the solid contracts and their executing. For these two things work many contract managers over the world.

Thanks for the patience. Next article will be “Head of the contract – or what kind of things we must put in it.”

Saturday, 10 November 2007

Salad - carrots and garlic

You must have these products:
Carrots - 200 gramme
Garlic - two big clove
Vegetable oil

At beginning we must rasp in big grater the carrots. When it is completed we should leave them in colander to remove the water for a 10-15 minutes. In this time we must smash the garlic and make a dressing with vinegar and oil. When the water is removed from the carrots we put them in a plate and mixed them with dressing.

And the salad is ready for consummation.

Thursday, 8 November 2007

Google page rank

Ha !!
My site reached page rank 4. It is a interesting for me because the site is a only family. But it is true.
And my blog on Bulgarian language have been reached page rank 3.

May be I must sell them?