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Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Minimal wages - Bulgaria vs. Europe

Welcome from my country – near to Europe near to Asia

Yesterday I have made a little personal research for wages in Europe. I have wanted to see what average wages in Europe is, for engineers and contract managers. I have found nothing because I tried to googling and everything was leading me to the sites with minimal wages not average. Then I try little job hunt – I try and checked the similar positions in the UK. What I have seen – in the Kingdom the engineers like your humble servant takes the wages of the order of 28 000 – 35 000 pounds annual. This means around 3 200 – 3 600 Euro per month. Looks like good! I take few times less. But I understand something very disturbing (actually I knew that but now I saw with my eyes) – as a newest members the Bulgarians have the smallest wages in the EU. Here we work for 92 euro per month and less than euro per hour. Our concurrent Romania has bigger labor wages with 114 Euro per month and again less than euro per hour. I have remembering in 2005 when both countries applied for EU membership our “smart” politics as Miglena Kuneva were offered to the EU commission to not put Bulgaria in the same group as Romania, because the latter is a very backward and this will react over the good image of Bulgaria. I would say BLAH BLAH.
Yes but NO. Now Romania makes giant’s steps forward and we again gather dust, the same history we have seen ten years ago. When Poland and Baltic republics become an EU members and Bulgaria goes to the hyperinflation and crisis. Then our “smart” politic Jan Videnov bankrupts the country and has been invited currency board from World Bank. The currency board always says’s: Do not rise the wages, don’t give the big pensions, your country must have this or that blah blah again. We now pick up the fruits of this board low wages, low pensions and budget excess. In the same time we are the EU leader in inflation – many people expect to reach more than 13% this year.
Yes I know that I am not economist but I see how our economist manages the country and can’t watch anything good. We are the less happy people on the planet. We have received less much money in the EU. Who is blame for this? Of course politics like Sergei Stanishev, Simeon Saks Coburgotha and Ahmed Dogan. It is interesting fact that these three persons are not Bulgarians. The first is Ukrainian citizen, second is a big kid with blue blood but without one drop of Bulgarian blood and the third is a Turkish citizen (those who things that buying the votes is a European practice).
How this reflect over the peoples – more than 1 000 000 Bulgarians life abroad, from the beginning of 2007 the Bulgarians lived in Spain is more than 300 000 peoples. Our nation become melting. Nothing bizarre with these wages and this inflation this is a normal. Young peoples become immigrants and I have many friends that immigrated to Canada and USA. Actually it might be the plan of the politics – they do not need the youngest and smart peoples.
We need reforms, but reforms must be made by the politics – the same that the reforms will hit. Because our politics, are the most corrupted politics in the EU. They will never make transformation and always be the corrupted. Today I have commented this with one my colleague and he saw “Look if somebody is a clear and honest and become a politic in Bulgaria he has not a chance. Other wolfs will took him to the corrupt practices and this man going out from the law. Now he is one of all.”

What we must do? I don’t know. I have decision for my self and my family