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Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Fluorine in drinking water supplies – new madness obsesses Bulgaria!

Everything is possible in my little country – even to mass killing of the citizen. What I mean? These days have become an interesting offer from Bulgarian Medical Association. This folks want to put fluorine in the drinking water supplies for prevention from teeth caries. In all big Bulgarian towns!!!
As a chemist I know the fluorine is a one of most reactive element from all table of elements, it is a toxic and could do harm of the human body.
What is the argument of the BMA? At first – for prevention, but here in Bulgaria drinking water is come from water sources with high concentration of fluorine. So adding new one is a little bit unduly. Second argument is a hidden of course – realizing of this program need money and execution companies. The program costs 16 million leva or 8 million euro. Good amount of money I think…
Actually when I search in the internet I have found some articles for fluorine, and about experience of other EU countries with this. I have seen that this practice is totally outcast as incorrect and with unverified effect over the teeth health status. Except that the fluorine is a poison and operator should have gain the special license to work with it.
On purpose I had not mention about the problem with water pollution. To tip in clean water poison is a simple stupid for me.

Thursday, 10 January 2008

How much degrees are the temperature in snowstorm?

Today we discuss a new fact which was totally new for me. One of my colleagues told me that in snowstorm the temperature cannot be less than twelve degrees. Of course I have not believed in that fact and began to dispute.
Actually I was in wrong position, my colleagues explain me where is the secret of this. In the snowstorm the water which is on liquid state turned on to hard state as a snow. From the physics we know that when some material change it state from liquid to hard it ray energy. This leads to increasing the temperature in the environment where the snowstorm is. Otherwise when you have an clear sky and cold weather, without snowfall then the temperature decreasing faster with snow melting. The reason is the opposite when the water become from frozen state to liquid stat it absorb hot and the temperature of environment falls.

Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Open the file formats

These days here in my country – Bulgaria were started the initiative for opening the file formats. Launcher of the campaign is Free and open source software . I am not member of this public organisation but as a user of GNU/Linux I decide to blog my comment about their initiative.

What is the aim of all this? – to change the file formats used from this ministries and government institutions: Ministry of the culture, Ministry of the transport, Ministry of the ecology, National health insurance fund, Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works, Ministry of the labor . All of this government institutions have use the closed proprietary file formats like *.doc, *.xls, *.ppt.

This means – if you want to contact with these ministry offices, you should bye Microsoft Office, and of course Windows. Because these file formats are only supported by Microsoft.

So if I am a user of other operating system, or just don’t want to bye Microsoft Office, what I need to do? As a free person and as a citizen of the European Union I want to have an equal access to all documents of ministries of my country. I regularly pay my taxes and I want to be a treated as normal citizen, not as outlaw smuggler.

What we need to do? – just to put this image and code

< href="" title="Да освободим файловите формати">
< src="" border="0">

in your site or weblog. This is the first. The second is never to use *.doc and *.xls. I know this is an impossible for peoples which worked in the big offices and companies, but I always use *.rtf and *.pdf formats. Here is a very good free alternative for making pdf files.

So this was for me If you want you can help to the initiative….