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Thursday, 5 May 2011

How to: Be in constant touch with changes on a particular website

Or Automatic website change logs and notification

Recently, (after few years without such tool) I have came to the site It is amaizing utility, where you are able to watch distantly sites without visiting them.

Why I think this piece of internet is so important?

Let see what the site says about himself:
What is
At your request, we monitor any website page for text changes. If a change is detected we send you a notification email. We also maintain a log of recent changes to the page and allow you to see the difference between any two versions of the page.

Yes, that site could help you to find job. How? Very easy. Let say that someone wish to apply for any particular company and definitely will be happy to know about any changes in the Careers site. So when position appears there, just sent you an e-mail and you could directly visit the targeted site for changes.

Just a simple example how it works. Targeted site is carriers section of Halifax water.

First from the main site you should put the web page address and your e-mail, where will send you warning e-mail with the web site changes.

Step 2 is a little, but a little bit complicated, because you could set up your alert. But nothing strange look the picture below:

At alert name you could choose the name of the alert : for example Employment opportunities at Halifax Water.
Then you could choose how often to be sent alert. I recommend daily. This doesn't mean you will receive alert every day. This mean the site of HW will be checked every day and something appear will send you alert e-mail.
The next is for a sizable changes. Sizable changes are changes bigger than small ones HAHAHAHA! No, actually small changes are changes of the dates and small errors. So check that.
The third one is "only send alert if text is added" - I recommend that. Also you may choose what words to persuade. For example if you need accountant position, then put in the area "accountant". The last two options are not important for me. They are related with sharing and I don't see any reason to check them.
At the end just press Create button.

Another good option of is that you are able to create account there. This give you an opportunity to manage your account there:

You could manage all your monitors, recent changes and recent alerts. Currently for example I monitoring 13 pages and continue to increase their number.
Very good option is recent changes, you may see what exactly is changes like here:

So if you wish try this good tool, hopefully it will help you to get hired in the desired company.