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Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Bourgas – town where I live and my pain ….

When I was a little boy my town has been a beautiful place for live. This is not nostalgia for old communistic times, but this is a reality. Then the kids had places to play and the cars were not more than ten thousand for all town. These beautiful years was not so far ago, may be 20 – 25 years. For 20 years my town has been turned of to concrete monster, with holed streets, cock sewerage and dirty environment.
I had decided to place here some pictures from the streets of my town, but the prospect are dangerous for peoples with poor health and I throw aside this opportunity. Let’s see what is happen in Bourgas.

At first: The sewerage – one of the head problems.

From the beginning of changes in Bulgarian we as other post communistic countries become to make changes, economical, political, ethnical….. ooops. I told ethnical? Sorry I made mistake. In my country we have nomad tribes called gypsies. They are living by thieving and plundering. This people’s thief the screens that cover the pumping-shaft because they were made from iron. After that they sell them for the money in the scrap yard. Of course the shaft was cocked and I think you know what happened latter. Some smart man guesses new IDEA to change the metal screens with plastic. Municipality took to near company preparation for these cover screens. Everything had has beautiful if the screens was not so fragile. When the cars pass over them they broke and …. So now the rain sewerage is cock and when the rain fall’s our streets looks like a Venetia. This continues since 1995 – 1998 and take a huge size, because with every new rain things going much worse.
The salvation:
1. Closing all scrap yards and stop plundering of cover screens.
2. Clearing all cocked shafts.
3. Putting metal screens again.
I am not the inventor of this simple salvation, many peoples know about this but as a politics and public persons they do nothing. Why? I don’t know!

At second: The holes over the streets of Bourgas.

Every morning when I come out from my block (this is an ugly concrete structure) I seen the huge holes over the road. The cars in my town drives like on rally Paris-Dakar. Many of my friends were bought jeeps. They are much stronger than common automobiles. Especially in our environments. The holes in Bulgaria was their own web-site The situation is a critical but nobody care. What is the reason for holes? It is a simple – poor control over the asphalt preparations and asphalt sitting. If you wouldn’t bought a good raw material you will not made a good asphalt of course if the sitting company wouldn’t keep the norms and circumstance, and put less asphalt that is needed after three months old holes showed up again and again… So the mechanism of holing is a clear. What is the salvation?

The salvation:
1.Buy a good bitumen and preparation of good asphalt. Many people don’t know but the bitumen is water solvated. If you have bought poor and weak bitumen you might not expect perfect results.
2.Total control over the preparation of asphalt and asphalt sittings.

So at third I wanted to tell about waste management in my town but this is a theme for more big post and I’ll have another chance to post here.
And in the end of all these gabbles is not far. I hope that my town will become a good place for live. But this should be happened when our new major start to work more hard not as old dinked man who rule the town twelve years.