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Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Salted mackerel – preparation

Salted mackerel – preparation

  1. Mackerel – 3 or 5 big fishes (more than 500 grams each one), it depends how you wish.

  2. Sea Salt – crystal (I mean with big crystals not common salt) – around 3 kilo.

  3. Large baking dish

  4. Water


At first you must clear the fishes from their stomachs, but let the heads. Then put the salt in the dish and tidy the mackerels. Then cover them with other salt.

They should stay in covered with salt around 48 hours. When the time pass you must bring the fishes from salt (here might have bloody souse – it is normal). Then put the fishes in cold water for one hour. It will remove the salt which is more than needed. After one hour take the fishes, dry it with paper and wrap it with another paper.

Hang the fishes somewhere (far from cats) by their tails, after one day you might eat them. It is a good for salads and appetizer for vodka.

But you have been careful, this is not very healthy meal, eating too much salt can produce problems with heart and blood pressure.