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Friday, 23 May 2008

Thinking about Australia

According to thousands of Australian children’s who live in Mount Isa are poisoned by lead. It comes from the river where they upstream from contaminated lands which are spread round the mines there. The lead have been discovered in 2001 by unnamed researcher and now Dr. Mark Taylor and he wants to know why no one undertake a research about this problem.
The article says that the level of lead is more than 100 times over the recommended limit of 255 milligram per kilo soil. It means that the concentration of lead is around 20 grams per kilo of soil.
Here in my country the maximum contain of lead in the ground is 25 milligrams per kilo dry soil. I have thought that this limit is a low and it must be increased to 10 milligrams. Now I understand that in the other site of the world the limit of this is 255 mg/kg. I always had thought about Australia like a beautiful country where people leave in clear air and waters, and now I found out that is not true. May be the local norms in Mount Isa are little bit higher but all that much. In the survey was said that the more than 900 children’s are poisoned by the lead. Sadly ….
There is a historical theory about outgoing of the Greatest Rome which was bite the dist from the Barbarians. The theory say that the citizens of Rome have been ill for many years from mental diseases which is caused from the lead pipe which are build and town sanitary drains for drinking water.
So at the end these children are in big danger they must be bringed out from this area and must be taked to the clean place where is no this kind of poisoned water and land. For me is interesting how this case will be solved by the Australian government...