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Monday, 26 May 2008

Phoenix landed on Mars

Yesterday (25.06.2008) the Probe of NASA landed on the north pole of Mars where it must have to search water and possibly live organisms – bacteria and other primitive forms of live.
The landing was successful and the machine sent their first pictures form Mars. When I watched the news I was little disappointed, because I have expected to see a little green man who says “Hello”! It of course is my stupid joke and I am never expecting from the probe to find any live on Mars.
But I found something interesting about pictures which the probe sent to earth. Here is only the foot of the probe and some landscape where we could see only dist and rocks. We also can see the something like umbrella in black and white colors, which could be solar panels. O and we can see strange square on one of the pictures, nothing more.
However for me is more interesting the south part of landing field where is situated a big mountain Alba Patera (according to which is high is more than 5 kilometers. And the destination between Phoenix and Alba Patera is no more than 300 kilometers. Even in this distance this mountain will rise over the above landscape.

I am really impassioned to see such pictures were for background is put Alba Patera.


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