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Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Job hunting through internet sites 4

Do you really need job?

These days I had read an interesting article from Bulgarian author about “Olympic principle” in job searching. What the author means? – Many people have decide to apply for any vacant position just for imitate job hunting for somehow reasons. They have been sent many cover letters and CV only for amusement and without real desire to change their job. Some people just want to change something and the first think that they decide to change is their old job, but actually they don’t want to change it. However many people are not serious in job hunting and just participate in different application processes only to fill the form not with real plans. The author also says that this type of job seekers didn’t refuse to go out in interview but always refused the offers which received. These naggers will never find their dream job.
So what is the meaning of all this above?
At first you should ask your self:
“Do I really want a new job? “
“Why I want to leave my current job?”
“What I should expect from my new job?”
“What kind of job I will look for and what salary I could wait from this job?”
“Am I really prepared to sustain some financial problems when I leave my current?
If the response of all these questions is positive and you are confident in your final decision then you must start your job hunt.
I will try to give you a few little advices here but I am not sure that it will work. I am looking for new field since August 2007 and still not success so my advices couldn’t work. But this unsuccessful hunt might be related with the fact that I look for job abroad not in my country and this may be the main obstacle.
At first you should prepare more than one cover letter. In every one you will describe your different skills. As example you may have experience in contract management, civil engineering, CAD modeling, mysterious shopping or just baby sitting and you have decide to change your field of work then it is a good idea to have few CV and cover letters. When you apply for CAD designer you should enforce your CV in those fields. You must manage Cover letter to look like you are eager to apply for this job.
At second - it is a best for you to read advertise careful. What I mean sometimes you have seen add with something like “We need contractors….”. With modern methods in internet you could apply for a second just clicking two or three times with mouse and that is all. But you haven’t read the add careful and here in the end have something like “must have a very good French” or “need to have less than 10 years experience”. So in this situation HR manager will look in your resume for your French or 10 years experience and when don’t found it he or she just will delete your application. Of course you might expect call from them but this will not happened.
At third – sometimes it is a good idea to push up your recruitment process. Many of the people who work in the recruitment companies are overloaded and just forget about you when their clients reject your candidature. You may wait until the end of time for calling. This will not happen.
I think this is enough for now.