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Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Bourgas build new wastewater treatment station in one of its quarter.

Yesterday (10.June. 2008) has been turned the first sod of new WWT station for treatment of the civil waste water in the quarter “Meden Rudnik”. The new WWT station will be build from Austrian company Alpine bay and it is expected to cover the needs of the quarter. Currently working station is not enough for an increased population of the quarter. The old one has been measured for an around 20 000 people and when the building boom starts it was completely insufficient. Now the station will treat the water from more than 20 000 household or 60 000 people.
The total cost of the module installation will be more than 10 000 000 euro and 75% of them will be covered with ISPA program and other 27 % will be ensured by the Ministry of environment and waters.
Unfortunately this is a behind the building plane of the quarter, actually when the WWT station have been build the quarter population will growth. And in the end of the year will reach the amount of 80 000 peoples.