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Monday, 7 July 2008

Weekend in Esen village.

Esen village is placed near the city of Karnobat and it is a small place with round 70 people all of them oldest than 65 years. Here in this small village people grow some animals like gooses, goats, hens, cows and ships. But the biggest interest of this entire people is the vineyards which are situated at 3 km near the village.
Actually my visit was related with spreading of pesticides against mildew of vineyard. Actually we started to do our job at 6:00AM and at 11:30 AM everything was done. As a fact this was not my first visiting. I have visited this village from 1999 year every year, but this time I took my photo and made some pictures which could be shown in my blog.

At first it is a panorama from the vineyard. This hills is the foot of Stara Planina mountain. The air is totally clean and the sky is blue :)

The second picture is Mayoralty of Esen village. The building is opposite to the basic square and of course of its back is the Health care service which is totally abandoned and ruined. Here doctor comes once time per weeks and if someone have any problems he write out some aspirin.

The third my picture is The Church of the village. It is brand new building here and it has been building for two years. Now the church still not functional because there is not priest who will live here. Actually the church was built in the courtyard of the un-functioned school which is also abandoned and ruined. Here is the church: