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Friday, 13 February 2009

Blogers against Bulgarian government

These days one of the famous Bulgarian bloggers decide to set up on him personal blog a little GoogleBomb. He saw that on the site of the Government missing instructions for the search engines such as Google or Yahoo. These missing instructions are simple – in the hosting directory folder HTML programmer should put and keep a file with name “robots.txt” which contains these two phrases.


He wrote that this means “….if you are the search engine the site tells you – Do not index me!! Get out of here!!!” so if you try to find site of the Bulgarian government through Google it is impossible. Then he has decided to make a simple GoogleBomb. It is easy to make this if you have more than thousand visitors per day and your Google rank is high. He has just put in the blog anchor (link to the webpage of the government) with name провал (failure) and which linked in to the site of Bulgarian government.

Two days after the Bulgarian mass media were filled with news which has been describing how the “hacker” is prepared googlebomb of the Bulgarian government.

Today I said that other blogger took the baton from Yunuz and decide to overthrow the Government. He has decide to put anchor оставка (retirement) in his blog. I think he will have chance to make another GoogleBomb, because the searching machines still not indexing the site of the government. They still not repair the problem with “robots.txt

Why I wrote this – my only one reason is to keep this in mind and next time when I prepare some page to put this little text file into the main directory. There are no other reasons for this my post.